Sunday, January 29, 2012

To hot do do any housework

So spent Saturday .... cleaning up my sewing room and found a lost friend,
Bugsy, help me yesterday and today finish off a couple of small items.
finished the embroidery on this small bag and sew together.

 then started another bit of embroidery

Thought I might watch the tennis last night ............ but I just could not stand the chicks and there grunting............ so spent some time in the sewing room to finish off the embroidery and make a bag
with a little help from bugsy 

 this morning spend,  quality time with the in -laws
then  after lunch watched a DVD in my sewing room, where once again bugsy kept me company,while a made a another small bag.
As it is still quite warm here in the Riverland with a few light showers of rain which has not help with humidity ........ still there are still a  few things life I do not have a say in  ..... (the Weather) ...chuckle
have a great day and take care     Marc  


Maree: said...

At Least it has been Cool here with the rain..
Love all your Little Projects Nice to get some Finishes..

Kris said...

It has been warm here in Melbourne. Probably not as hot as there, but we are not used to it here! I'm so over summer.