Saturday, October 22, 2011


Where has today gone........

Had a sleep in this morning until 6.30am, bit of rain for just a few minutes I love the sound of rain in the morning on the roof and then got stuck into a bit of domestic things around the house, while DH made eggs and bacon for breakfast, got a early start to the shops, purchased a new printer, as the old one had trouble remembering how to work.

Had the dear grandson for awhile mid afternoon, 8 months old today and has just learnt to shuffle along the floor, forgot how tiring little ones can be............ had to have a grandma nap after he left.

Started the binding on another quilt tonight, while watching a movie, on the local TV channel.

 Have two quilts at the wonderful Liz’s for her do her magic on, hope to get them back next week and if my studies and work committments are up to date hope to get the binding on them within the next couple of weeks (will not be holding my breath), so much happening in the next few weeks at work.
Hope you all had a great day, with family friends and pets
cheers marc 

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