Sunday, October 23, 2011

my own airing of the quilts

Have not quite been myself lately, took Thursday and Friday off from work, spent most of those two days, doing a bit of studies and as per the last few blog entries catching up on some off my tops needing binding.. Not been a good sleeper the last few months, so up again early this morning, DH has been a gem and cooked a nice breakfast, while I got a few loads of washing done.
Had my very own airing of the quilts today........... these four quilts are in the family room, it is such a nice day here gave them a nice wash and airing ( exposure to the air ) reference the Thesaurus.

Note in this picture the right hand side has captured the other quilt behind it.

Now it off to do the ironing and a few more things around the house done 
Hope you are all having a great LAZY Sunday
Take care .......until next time  Marc 


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Wow Marc...fantastic display...

Kris said...

Oh! I love them all. Beautiful!

Lorraine said...

nothing like freshly laundered quilts drying in the breeze....lovely!!