Monday, June 13, 2011

Long Wekend

Long weekend this weekend – Queens Birthday
The Queen's Birthday is held on the second Monday of June in most of Australia. The Queen's Birthday holiday in Western Australia is held on a different date proclaimed by the governor in Western Australia
Many Australians have a day off work on the Queen's Birthday. For many, it is a chance to do something with their family or to attend an event. Or take advantage of the three-day weekend to make trips to visit friends or relatives .
The weather in the Riverland over the weekend was quite cool.
So I Spent most of the time, inside.
Friday night together with a few girlfriends, went to the local theatre and watched.  
 Thor Poster
Starring  Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins
The film tells the story of Thor (Chris Hemsworth), a god who is exiled  from his homeland of Asgard to Earth. While there, he builds a relationship with scientist Jane Foster ( Natalie Portman). However, Thor must stop his brother Loki  who intends to become the new king of Asgard.
Saturday - done the domestic things ....... dusting, washing, ironing, vacuuming  blah blah
watched a couple of movies on TV for the night
Sunday was spent doing some quilting - secret quilting for a dear friend so unable to share any photo's at the moment 
Today spent time sorting out a couple of cupboards came across some quilts in the back of cupboards.
I had earlier on in the day prepared several meals.
So spent the afternoon watching a couple of DVD's while stitching a few Pies together.  

One of the quilts I found at the back of the cupboard was this one...... brought back a few memories.

In the mid 90's I was a member of a local quilt group, together with a few lovely ladies.
At a Christmas Dinner Break up we all brought along a fat quarter and placed in a basket, during the evening we all had the opportunity to pull a fat quarter out off the basket and you where not able to pull your own parcel out (chuckle)
This was the start of a quilt for the following year's challenge within the group
But wait there is more ..............
there was also 2 other baskets
Both baskets had sealed envelopes enclosed
One basket had  Shapes and Methods  
for example - Circles,Squares,Triangles, Stars, Hearts,Flying Geese,Log Cabin, Dresden Plate etc

The second basket had colours
examples: -
blue, red, green, black purple and colours together with themes like blue with circles or blue with spots or red with black etc
as I was just a learner I was nervous and thought what ?????

My fat quarter was a piece of pink fabric which at the time I thought was the most ugliest fabric.
The rules where you could use as much of this fabric at you like ,but it must be used within in the first block of the quilt
So as this was the first block you could do anything you like, as the next meeting which was to be held the following February ( remember December was the Christmas Dinner Break up )
So I made my centre block 4 dolls in which one of the dolls had the pink fabric.

 February meeting - pulled out of the baskets
(1) Log cabin
(2) Blue   -  oops forgot to mention you did not have to do everything in blue - so long as the choice of colour you pulled out was in the round
 March Meeting
(1) Stars
(2) Black
(1) Hearts
(2) Blue fabric with spots
(1) Flying geese
(2) Gold with spots

(1) Circles
(2) Pink

For the rest of the year you had to finish your quilt for Show and Tell at the Christmas Break up Dinner.

Hope you had a  great weekend, with family, friends, food and fabric.
 I now off to have a cup of hot water with DH (he has coffee) and watch a bit of TV together, while I Stitch a few more pies

Until next time --- Take Care   Marc

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