Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Started a quilt and bag

Recently I had a need to go to Adelaide, so what else is a girl to do while there, but visit Hettie’s I purchased some nice  fabrics suitable for a Boys Quilt
Spent this afternoon making a quilt from
 Anni Downs...  Hatched and Patched....  A Boys story, the quilt was so quick and easy to put together. I have only made one of the six stars required for the quilt,

A  few days ago DS#2 partner, requested a bag so started on a bag from some of the fabrics left over.  

Later in the afternoon got a few interruptions from Telemarketing calls, so lost my mojo in completing the bag, sat down and watched a DVD and made two more pies for my Pie and tart quilt. The rest of the afternoon has gone so fast, better make the move and go start on the evening meal.
 Take care  cheers Marc


Kris said...

Ohhh..... Hetties! I love it there! I was in Adelaide last week, but didn't get there. Oh well, next time I guess. I'm lucky that my daughter lives quite near it so when I stay with her I usually pop in.

I'd love to see a photo of your pies in progress!

Maree: said...

I have that Book Out to do a Project...Love the Star Block.
One Day I'll Start my Pies & Tarts..those pieces are sooo Tiny.