Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Morning Glory

Couple of girlfriends and I went to see Morning Glory over the weekend........  A light hearted comedy starring Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton and Jeff Goldblum .the film is a charming workplace comedy based on a morning TV news show.  We shared a few giggles.
Spent most of Sunday cutting out the next round of my 2006 BOM quilt  240 pieces 2” in size
Then yesterday joint then together to make 12 desden plate. Will put them aside to hand stitch around the outside and place circles in the middle........bit of hand stitching for the nights.
Plan to start the next block, later today, as I spent this morning, baking ........ made a cheese cake, some homemade pasties and a beef curry pie topped with potatoes and cheese.
Unfortinately up at 5am this morning the neighbours dog had a very rare barking session, something must have upset him,as normally the dog is so quiet.


Take care ...................Cheers Marc

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