Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little bit further

Got a bit side tracked, the last few days, on my BOM 2006
Sat up last night and hand stitched around four Dresden plates so, I could start the first round on the quilt.

Spent this morning, catching with a couple of friends, done some shopping,  thought I would like to start making a quilt for my grandson , from Anni Downs 
A Boys Story

But unfortunately we do not have a quilt shop, my closes store is in Adelaide, so hoping  within the next few days take a trip to Adelaide and visit Hetties  and get some fabric.
Spent most of the afternoon putting the first round on the BOM 2006

Now the evening meal, floor swept, dishes done, blah blah.................. off the watch My kitchen Rules and City Homicide and if all goes to plan, finish some more Dresden plates so I can do another round later in the week or over the weekend (chuckle) 

Take care ................Cheers Marc

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Maree: said...

Love the centre fabric on your Dresdens & your Round Robins is Looking Great.