Monday, January 3, 2011

The heat and the mozzie

The past few days in the Riverland have been reasonably hot, but that’s not the only thing that has been causing people to stay indoors, the mosquito's parasite has been a pain, the local stores have had a rush of mozzie coils and Citronella candles. I started off with 6 candles and coils (coils have been working a bit better than the candles) now down to two candles, on the outdoor setting. Went for a drive this morning to the local stores tried 5 different store but unfortunately the coils where not available. Until Wednesday. So I have been unable to do any gardening the last few days. Well that’s my excuse (HA HA).
Still where there a negative - there is a positive.
 DH and myself are going to be Grandparents for the first time in approx 8 weeks.
Spent the day making a couple of cot quilts this is the first one, will post the second one next post

Going to make DH a cuppa and I will have my cup of hot water, yes hot water, It has been two years since I have had a coffee or tea, and yes I do miss it, but when you are told that you have some sort of reaction to something in coffee, tea, chocolate and black liquorice. I know sounds strange, but so far I have not had a case of chest pains I had 2 years ago. Then sit down and watch The Mentalist and sew the binding down on the cot quilt.
Until next time  cheers Marc 


Maree: said...

Oh Marc Big Congratulations you will just Love being a it's my turn to tell people...Love the Bright little Quilt...I know people that just have Hot Water too so it's not that Unusual...
happy Sewing.

Lorraine said...

Congratulations granny! Love the's very cute! My grandma always had a cup of hot/warm water every morning with lemon in it....I still have my occasional cup of tea...less now that I have to make it myself...LOLOLOL

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Oh Marc...congratulations, how exciting....oh you lucky thing...Just love the quilt....

quiltmom said...

Beautiful cot quilts Marc- Wishing the mom an easy delivery. Looking forward to seeing photos of the little one wrapped in your beautiful work. What great fabrics that you chose.
Warmest regards,