Friday, September 17, 2010

Where has this week gone

Wow this week has gone so fast, back to work last Monday after having a few days off, so plenty off paperwork to catch up on.  
Spending this evening with DH watching the football Collingwood and Geelong, I am  really not fussed who wins  just nice to spend the evening with DH and finally after so many months, I am doing some needlework,
yes needlework.
My furniture for the Quilting room was suppose to arrival today, just my luck after waiting for nearly 6 months to get some furniture for the bare room, being told it will be delivered today, then receiving a phone call yesterday afternoon for the delivery company, not delivering  in the Riverland area this week due to not having enough deliveries in the area.
Well there is always next week (chuckle)
see the room is bare (empty)

Well back to some more needlework  -----    cheers Marc


Lorraine said...

Good to see you are doing some stitching...I got home from work at half time in the footy.....hoping for a win by the mighty 'pies!!

Robyn said...

Oh Marc, this is good to see you getting back into it and hopefully settling into your new sewing room very soon.
Happy birthday for the 12th?? Hope it was a happy day!!