Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hi I am having so much fun well at the moment my feet as a bit sore from standing on , for most of the day, up at 6 am this morning to start on the boxes that have been in storage since last  June 2009, went to the library quickly to get some books, then a quick cuppa with the  outlaws  oops mean the in laws, then back to the unpacking.   I have so much to sort out, so thought I would take a break and do a blog post
Quite awhile ago I remember reading a blog where someone (I know someone sounds so rude)  has an interest in iron on transfers I have found some in one of my boxes. I not sure if they will work any more but If someone (sorry) would like to have them please email me your address details and I will post them to you,

also I have so many beads, if again sorry for the rudeness if someone would like these beads please email and I will send them to you  ( not the toes) and now I  back to trying to see the top of my table (chuckle), I have a TV in my quilt room, So I will be watching  New Tricks and The Bill while soaking the feet .   

yes one big mess

Maybe tomorrow the mess might be sorted  ha! ha !

Until next time  cheers Marc


Kris said...

Good luck Marc! Sorting is not fun at all, but it will be so much fun once you start sewing. I had to laugh at your tvness. I am watching the same shows! Happy sorting!

quiltmom said...

You are going to love having your sewing space again- Just think of all the treasures you are going to discover as you unpack the things that have been in storage.
It is amazing the things one can unearth when they are cleaning out storage or a basement.