Saturday, June 13, 2009

Help wanted

I need a little help .... as per last post my life and house it a little up side down at the moment,

I have been busy finishing off my PIF gifts before, the fabric and sewing machine gets packed in storage.

A while ago I had 3 lovely ladies who became my PIF recipients , I wish to forwarded these off before I pack everything else around me in storage, But I need a bit of help .....

I have on several occasions tried to get to make contact with Oddjborg one of the lovely ladies who responded on the 31st December 2008 to be one of three to receive a PIF gift ......unfortunately I have been unable to get a reply .
I really would appreciate some help so I get forward the parcel .
Now back to filling up more storage boxes.........didn't quite realise I have so much in the cupboards.........I feel a garage/salvage sale coming up soon.


Oddbjørg said...


I'm sorry you have had trouble with my e-mail. I don't know what has happened, but now I have sent you a e-mail and I hpe that will solve the problems.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Hi Marc....well you have blown me away I have just received my PIF and it is totally awesome...what a fantastic generous gift, I will do a post today...hugs to you Marc and thank you so very much...xx

Dee NC said...

I just saw the PIF you sent to Peg and LOVE it. Can I ask where you got the pattern? It would be a perfect gift for my mom. Thanks.