Friday, January 23, 2009

What a week

Well it has been a very interesting, busy emotional week

As from previous post, DH grandmother passed away last Sunday the 18th January 2009

Started Monday with the PAPERWORK

Tuesday more paperwork and a very quiet night home even though it was DH and Myself 30th Wedding Anniversary , very tired and not in the mood for celebrating

Wednesday more paperwork.......... thought I would do a quick blog Wednesday night to announce the winner of my 100th post giveaway....Not so easy ....Warning Warning flashes across the screen

I got a message that some where a mysterious virus has found its way on my computer I panicked and right away called my Dr PC . He so kindly called around and did a check, and indeed a clean up has taken place.

Thursday ............yes more PAPERWORK

Spent the evening cooking a few items for grandmas wake after the funeral.

YS also had his wisdom teeth out Mid afternoon Thursday

All went Well and he was doing fine for the first day ........
Things a little different today ............. full blown face...............throbbing..........requires a bit of pain relief.
Went to work today for a few hours organise a few things for the up coming Australia Day celebrations this coming Monday the 26th January.
Grandmas funeral late today, beautiful service .....followed by that special time with family and friends to take the time to remember and exchange stories about a very graceful lady.
Gone but not forgotten.
There are simply no words to express my heartfelt thanks for the kind words you have extended to myself and family , I are deeply grateful to you all ........Hugs to you all.
Oops you thought I forgot

The winner of my giveaway is Christine
Congratulations Christine please contact me via email with your address details so I can send you a mystery parcel

Hope things get back to some sort of normal..............but then again what is normal , life is full of love, hope, drama, stress, surprises, disappointments , laughter, tears, joy and so much more.
Until next time ........Marc


Kerri said...

Next week is a new week and I hope everything gets better. Thinking of you


Lorraine said...

Hi Marc - have been thinking of you this week....hope you get some time to celebrate 30 years with hubby soon and that the patient recovers well from his surgery....happy Australia Day...I have been working from home this morning putting some finishing touches to the preparations for the Breakfast....Roll on March....only have dental work scheduled at this stage...LOL....

Narelle said...

My condolences to you and your family.
I think 'normal' is different for everyone and we just have to try to roll with it.

Christine said...

Hope this week is a happier one. Thank you for your giveaway. Will let you know when it arrives.

The Patchwork Apple- Jane said...

My sympathy goes to you and your family.
Congrats too for 30 years! Ours is 30 this year also, Nov. Doesn't really seem that long, does it?
look after yourself...

Robyn said...

Great big warm hugs to you Marc.
thinking of you all,
Robyn xx

Julie said...

so sorry you've been going through such an emotional time.
hope this week will be a bit brightter for you.
julie :)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Yes Marc what is normal....sounds like you had a hectic week...Happy Anniversary to you and your DH.