Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fat Quarters

Since my first swap - I have an addiction! Checking out Maree's blog today and reading that she has been part of a swap this year ........that's all about sending Fat Quarters to people on their birthdays and you get some on your birthday!
I have signed up....... I think it's a great idea - everyone loves receiving parcels in the mail on their birthday!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Feels like my birthday again.....

It feels like my birthday again ..... I am speechless ..... my dear blogger friend Peg sent me a birthday pressie it is absolutely fabulous. I really love it - I was near to tears that Peg thought of me for my birthday. My DH walked in this evening with this lovely box ..... I really took my time handling each and every item which where wrapped in beautiful fabric in my favourite colours....... A beautiful card.....Pattern........chocolates yum yum.....and a beautiful chook Thank you so much for everything. I love the chook it is sitting with great pride in my family room . I can't believe I have meet such a very thoughtful lady . Once again, Peg thank you soooo much. Marc

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tin Man takes a wife..........

Doing some sorting out and found this quilt in a pile of quilts I had stored away in a cupboard a few years ago.

I really enjoyed making this........

Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Iron and a change of Pants .........

Started today with great intentions ...purchased some great fabric and stabilising fabric from Hetties last weekend while in Adelaide. Thought I would start ironing all the transfers patterns from the Nice People Nice Things Quilt by Helen . ....I always enjoy having a DVD playing or TV on in the background while I am stitching or quilting. I plugged the iron in and went over to put a DVD in .........a noise suddenly appear that sounded like I had put the DVD in the DVD player incorrectly......quickly turned the DVD player off ....but what.....the noise is still there and a glow caught the corner of my eye ......... flames coming out the iron flowing up to the ceiling.
...quickly turn it off at the wall socket .........carry the iron outside....dumped the iron in the garbage bin ...then adventured back inside to change my pants (lol) ...........Called DH who at the time was at a local hardware store. DH who very rarely purchases any thing for the domestic side of life ........walked in with a new iron .......So the day continues as planned ......DVD in player, new iron and a few hours later .......

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

Worked on my Chookyblue Secret Santa Christmas Swap Partners Items today

Little peek.....................

Yes I did say a little peek......

Cheers Marc

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lindas Bag Swap .....Has arrived

When I got home this evening .........Sitting on my kitchen (dining room ) table
was this brown box ......... After having a not so pleasant day with my head wrapped around paperwork and enquiries I had a bit of a headache as I drove home, but it sure disappeared once I open that brown box ......... Enclosed is a absolutely fabulous bag made from my favourite colours and the wonderful embroidery, it is just awesome and a nice roomy size. . So a huge Thank you to
Tracey . I can't believe I have something so nice. Once again, Tracey, thank you so much. I can't wait to show it off....

Check out the wonderful colours in the fabric
and the beautiful embroidery

Surprise in the mail today

Welcome to Angels Come to Play

A big Spring surprise in mail ............for leaving a comment on Angels Come to Play for a recent give away of Shelley's brand new "Swirly Cupcake" pattern. Big Thank you to experiment

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chenille Pincushion .....

Finished the Stitchers Angel Chenille Pincushion. by Karen I made my out of felt .......I must say this was a very quick and enjoyable way of making a pincushion

Cheers Marc

A giveaway check it out.....

Look here.... has made her first scrapbooking kit and is having her first giveaway.T
This is one not to be missed!!!

Lindas Bag Swap .....Has arrived

My bag for Linda's Bag/Bucket swap has a new home... the landing and grand opening for my bag partner was on my birthday how bazzar . Marsha from Loveland in Ohio is the new owner, I received such a lovely email from Marsha a big thankyou.

Your beautiful and kind words made my day....and to Linda this has been such fantastic fun, (lets do it again ???) (lol) a huge big thank you and hug to you for doing such an amazing job....

Cheers Marc

Monday, September 15, 2008

Birthday Part 2

Saturday 13Th September Part 2 of my very relaxing and enjoyable Birthday

DH and I awoke to quite a lot of noise from the adjoining room to our accommodation

the joy of youth ................someone decided it would be fun to let the fire distinguisher off in their room of course when the doors where open all the ingredients floated all over the cars .....

so off to find a car wash ..............the weather was so nice we enjoyed a light breakfast at Harbour town by the Adelaide Airport............

Then what does a 50 year old do to the Zoo... where approx 4 1/2 hours was spend in such great weather

Thought these American Alligators where stuffed as I stood there for approx 2o minutes

Their did not move ... blink ????????

This leopard below( not a very good photo)

just walked around in the figure 8 for most of the day

My mad turtle .....Mercury ....would have been a snack for this one

Then went for a lovely walk around the park lands ......River Torrens Area in Adelaide

Enjoyed a lovely late but early evening meal ............before heading home (back to reality)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Birthday Part 1

Firstly before my lovely birthday adventure begins....I wish to most sincerely thank all my fellow blog mates a very big thank you for your kind birthday wishes .... big hug to you all.
DH and I began the day at approx 6am
Where my darling husband ......I do so love him but has no idea on purchasing gifts.
I then gave him my birthday present (wrapped ) to give to me (LOL)
I am sure some of you can relate to this situation?
A beautiful ring .........Unfortunately photo could have been better

ES and girlfriend gave this very popular quilting book

YS ................... DVD's and a beautiful deep fryer( which I am sure he will get a great lot of use from as he loves to cook)

One of my fellow work mates asked my what I would like for my birthday
I joking said ........what else would a girl what
and a quilt book
Ella gave me this present as I left work on Thursday night
but as I don't open present until my birthday ( yes You heard that right)
This is the Thursday night picture

Friday Morning the 12th Sept my Birthday I open the box
This was inside the box ....had myself and DH in fits of laughter

Box full of chocolates
Diamond ring and strand of Pearls (from Cheap as Chips)
A Dymocks Book Gift Voucher
and flowers----- The beautiful pink rose bush
Ella is so creative and generous
Most of trip to the Adelaide Hill had roadworks in progress
DH and I where not to fussed with the roadworks as we did not have to be anywhere by any set time

The scenery was so green and the smell of spring was in the air

Arrived in Lobethal In the Adelaide Hills Area - mid to late morning
Looked though a Old Mill in Lobethal
parts have now be used as gift ware and craft stores and a beautiful cafe where DH and I spend time browsing around and enjoyed a light lunch .

Purchased a beautiful ball of hand spun hand dyed wool
again the camera image has not picked
up the true extent of the colours in the wool

This is part of the sorting room in the old mill ........

Where the Boss would have had his office to oversea the women (usually ) sorting the woollen products

DH and myself then travelled onto Woodside where I dropped into the Patchwork Apple
and had a chat with Jane ..............and while I was there enrolled in
'Gathering in the Hills' with Helen Stubbings Sunday 19th October 2008
Then via the Freeway proceeded into the City of Adelaide
This the entry to the Heyson Tunnel

Each time I go through the Tunnel I have this little whimsy that it is a scene from
the film Daylight with Sylvester Stallone (lol)

The car just somehow or other ended up at Hetties where the shop was just blooming with
customers ....had a little splurge ( Fabrics seem to talk to me ..Buy me Buy me...)

Then proceeded to Marion Cinema
Where DH and I sat for approx 3 hours and totally enjoyed The Dark Knight it is a more thrilling, intelligent, morally complex and masterfully crafted film I have seen in years."

Totally exhausted and tied
We enjoyed a lovely meal and wine
In a lovely quiet restaurant in the Bay .........Glenelg
and this was Day One