Friday, December 26, 2008

Opened my SSCS

Opened my SSCS 2008 package this morning from the USA - from the bottom of my heart - thank you Linda- go here to check out her blog...I am SO glad that I kept my hands away from opening the package before Christmas Day... (but not my thoughts) I have been tempted a few times .........sure glad I waited it was worth it my package was filled with such delicious goodies... A beautiful tote bag Christmas theme (lovely mauve and aqua fabrics,with Divine hand stitching panel - how do people stitch that little?? and beautiful sewing); Lovely hand cream, packet Cookie Dough Bites and a packet Mini Chocolate Delights (2) lovely tea towels embellished with nice fabric , gorgeous gift card and a beautiful tote bag with a matching purse and covered note book made with the most fabulous fabric (in colours I just adore) spoiltI LOVE IT ALL - thank you so much again Linda for your kindness and generosity xox.

Thank you again to Super Elf Donna for organising such a fantastic Christmas Swap.

Mail all in one piece

Waiting for the big opening

Unwrapped - (can't you just tell I took me time in the opening .........LOL)

Unfortunately camera (Mollie) has not picked up the beautiful stitching in the plain mauve area

it is just so fine and perfect stitching

Fabulous bag and matching purse and book covered in the colours I just love

Hand lotion - tea towels and goodies

All together - wow ...........spoilt


Lorraine said...

lovely gifts Marc......! From what I have seen on blogs it seems as though everyone has outdone themselves and sent wonderful parcels of goodness!! Well done to the "swap mum" Donna! Happy New Year!!

Chookyblue...... said...

so many goodies in your parcel from the bags.........thanks for being part of the swap.......

Stina said...

Ahhh...your gifts from Linda is fantastic!!! She sure is a lady with a lot of talent and a warm heart!!
Happy New Year to you!!

Leanne said...

Lots of wonderful blogging goodness there.

Linda said...

Glad you were happy with the parcel Marc. Hope you had a terrific day.