Monday, October 6, 2008

Miss Audrey is ready to be Embellished

Public Holiday in South Australia this weekend .... had a very busy relaxing and fulfilling few last blog

Saturday spent on the river very relaxing

Sunday Mother in law has her brother and sister in law over from Western Australia for a Navy reunion in the Barossa Valley area in South Australia later in October

So MIL arranged a family get together......fab day, weather was very kind and it was the first time in approx 10 years, the MIL had all her brothers and sister together. (4)

Today (Monday) had plans to go fishing on the river again, but unfortunately the weather turned quite windy and cold DH potted around in the shed and I got stuck into finishing a quilt top I started several months ago

I had completed 10 small blocks

but with no interruptions ............ I have now got Miss Audrey ready to go over to Loxton

to my Quilt Guru to machine quilt .

Few squares ready to be made into Dash Turns

Finally the finished pile of dash churns

All put together (approx finished size between a queen size and king size)

To big to fit the whole quilt in the photo

Wow ...... My back is starting to ache ?????

Miss Audrey
Folded ready..... to go off the my quilting guru to be Embellished


Kerri said...

Oh Marc, the way the weather is, I need your Queen/King size quilt. It would go nicely on my bed. No wonder you back is aching. It huge and it looks great. Well done

quiltmom said...

HI Marc,
I love the beautiful churndash blocks- they are gorgeous. I will look forward to seeing the quilt all quilted.
It is one big quilt- I think the use of the different size churn dash blocks is brilliant.
I wonder how she will embellish it?

On my Verandah.. said...

Great Progress the blocks.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Marc love your "Miss Audrey" quilt...fantastic fabrics..

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Love love love the churn dash blocks, they look so different depending on the fabric that's chosen. Love the fabrics you've chosen, it has a romantic feel.

Kimonos and Sushi said...

Ow that is just gorgeous...I can see why your back was aching. I am in the midst of choosing new fabric for a Queensize Quilt that pattern would look brilliant.Have a great weekend :)Andrea

Robyn said...

I love that Churn Dash quilt!!!! Wow, it's really beautiful...gorgeous work, marc :o)