Friday, October 31, 2008

Had a day off from work today ..........A nice day for a trip over to Tricia's in Loxton where I spend my birthday voucher, My dear Auntie and Cousins in Adelaide so nicely gave me a gift voucher for my birthday which was back in September . It was not hard to spend it at Almond Grove Cottage.

Brought a Jelly Roll and co-ordinating fabric .....hopefully if all goes well might start on this during the weekend?

Couple of nights during the past week I have been stitching this pattern from Helen Stubbings
Helen's pattern incorporated colourque, I will not be using this method I am just back stitching.

Hoping to incorporate this stitchery with some fabric I purchased from Hetties awhile ago,
maybe I will start on this one instead on the weekend.
Back to Jelly Rolls pop over and check out Provincial Patch now have jelly rolls in-stock Wouldn't mind getting my hands on them. Bistro by Deb Strain Moda range. The colours look fabulous.

Off to find that fabric from Hetties .........Until next time ...........Cheers Marc


On my Verandah.. said...

Love the colours of your fabric purchase...very pretty...Nice Stitcherie too.

Christine said...

Your new fabrics are lovely. I love Jelly Rolls too.

Kerri said...

Thanks for the plug. I love the fabric you have got from Almond Grove cottage. What is the name of the fabric? It looks like the colours I like.