Friday, November 26, 2010

On their way to.....

This is my Six item Christmas Swap 2010 gifts ….hosted by the lovely  Maree………on their way next week to my  swap partner J JJJJ
Have a great day   - cheers Marc

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thank you

Thank You
I would like to thank fellow bloggers for leaving such lovely and positive comments to my last post .............. I am taking the cop out    easy way by  posting a thank you, as at the moment I just do not have the time to sent you all individual thank you via email
I wish to extended to  you that participated on the weekend in Chookyblue cross stitch show, tell and share day last Saturday,I enjoyed checking out   all your postings and seeing so much beautiful pieces thank you for sharing. Lastly thank you to Chookyblue for once again motivating me . 

cheers Marc  

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cross stitch Saturday,

Hello to the fellow bloggers who have joint in chookyblue Cross stitch Saturday,
Thought I would start with a bit of history (chuckle) A few years ago, a friend of my mothers, introduced me to cross stitch, unfortunately my first attempts, I am unable to share with you,
These items where bookmarks (given to school friends and teachers), Christmas decorations for family Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, neighbours and friends.
 Then boys came along and my days of needlework didn’t seem to be so cool.
Then after marriage, I  together with six other  lovely  ladies would meet once a fortnight .Where we would chat, exchanged patterns, drink hot chocolate during the winter and share fresh lemonade during the warmer evenings, contribute  our opinions on current issues and solve the problems of the world while exchanging lots of giggles and tears, regrettably over a period of time, like I am sure happens everywhere things change in our life, someone gets a transfer with their job, financial situations change, poor health( you know what I mean).  
Well next thing you know you are having a family yourself, I did a lot of cross stitch, on towels, blankets, bibs and grow suits. Then during the early years of my children, I got involved in CAFHS, Nursing mothers, Kindagym. Kindergarten, preschool and primary school fund raising activities, cross stitch and smocking and yes once again no show and tell. During the period of MUMS TAXI days transporting the boys to and from their sports, I once again, got back into cross – stitching, draw thread work, hardanger and quilting.

Small Sampler - Cross Stitich and drawn thread work

Cross Stitch

close up of the centre

Close up of the centre work - cross stitch - drawn thread woek - beading (top part)

The sampler

close up of the bottom part  - hardanger

close up  - cross stitch  - full view below

another Amish cross stitch

this is a plain peice of linen to give you an idea of what my hardanger looks like before I do the stitching and cutting

small handanger peice

close up of the peice above

centre work of the handanger peice below

corner show and tell of the peice below

Close up of the sampler (below) unfortunately the glass reflection has not picked up the glass beads that are stitched in the head peices

bit of flash mark in the photos in the items that have been framed (oops)

Originally these where 4 separate small cross stitches but I had them framed as one

yes more flash marks  - sorry

how ******** is that - the flash mark in just the right place (the cross stitch has a star where the flash mark is)

close up of my Twas the night before Christmas cross stitch - the garland is glass beads threaded around the tree
I hope you enjoy my show and tell and I am looking  forward to checking out your blogs.

May the floss be with you (ha ha)   cheers Marc

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A busy weekend

Saturday started early, up at 5.30am for a 6.30 am departure to Adelaide for the yearly Quilt and Craft show at the Wayville Show Grounds in Adelaide, on the way across the bridge at Blanchetown a  Hot Air Balloon was spotted, as DH and myself got closer, the balloon was   descending in a field.   

DH made good time, as there was little road works in progress this trip, therefore DH left me at the Quilt and Craft Fair gates at 9.15am,as the doors where not scheduled for opening until 10.00am . While waiting I had the opportunity to chat with several lovely ladies, that had travelled a bit further than myself, One lovely lady was from Kangaroo Island and another from NSW, both  in Adelaide for the weekend
Once again a several minutes before the opening, a few of the exhibitors and organisers had a dance along. It was nice to see some of the ladies in the crowd participate.

Surprise, surprise this year is the first year , since attending the Quilt and Craft Fair over the years that I didn't leave excited. The highlight of the day was spending time with an school friend  and during the lunch break sharing a table with a lovely group on ladies to whom have different interest's than myself , cardmaking , beading and scrapbooking. My only purchases at the Fair was two patterns.  Rosalie Quinlan Design - Sweet Matryosha sewing kit. and Kids Quilt Traffic Jam.

As I left the quilt show earlier than I would usually do, when attending the fair, I headed for Hettie's to have a browse and while there caught up with the lovely Leanne who gave me her professional advice and talent on picking fabrics for a baby quilt.
Then DH and myself carried on further down the road to Bunnings where pots, plants and potting mix was purchased, before proceeding home.

Once home spent the evening finishing my last two items for the Christmas Swap, organised by Maree    a little sneak peek

Started reading a book on my way down in the morning and the plot and story line had me wrapped in so hence I needed to finished the last few chapters before going to bed.
 Blood Vines --- Author Erica Spindler

Well today started early again....... the next door neighbours dog was having a moment,most probably chasing cats.
So cooked DH breakfast, egg and bacon with fresh squeezed orange juice and hot coffee, did warn him this was not going to be a regular practice (chuckle)
I did have an ulterior motive, need some help in lifting the pots and bags of potting mix, together with DH we potted up the plants and placed them down the side fence where the veranda and outdoor setting in located. 

Five pots in total  .................. I need to clarify (shed light on) I did not have to twist DH hand it was his suggestion to get the plants and pots done.

Done some of those boring need to do things, washing, dusting blah blah.......

Spent the afternoon putting a layer cake together  

Will need to finshed next weekend as this week it going to be a bit hetic at work.
Now off to do the ironing............  then watch a DVD Law abiding Citizen and start another book
The Burning Wire - Jeffrey Deaver

Until next post...... Take care   Marc